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Stethoscope Earmolds

In today's medical professional, stethoscopes are used to check vital signs of patients everyday. Unfortunately, many professional suffer moderate to significant amounts of hearing loss due to their recreational activities, and/or physical changes due to older age, which can possibly lead to problems in diagnosing patients correctly.

In order to maintain their professional liveliness with the hearing accuracy and precision needed, they must rely on products to amplify their hearing enough to overcome their deficiencies. These products included customized stethoscope earmolds, and/or electronic enhanced stethoscopes.

We currently offer the following selections....

Stethoscope Earmolds
Customized stethoscope earmolds add comfort and enhance hearing abilities in noisy medical environments such as ambulance paramedics, Flight-for-Life helicopter personnel, emergency technicians and military field medics.
These molds are specific in design and can be fabricated to fit just about any stethoscope used in today's industry to ensure clear sound analysis of the problem being examined.

They are even wonderful for professionals who have ear irritations due pressure being applied from the plastic ear-tips, which are commonly sold on stethoscope products.

Cost: $45.00/each (Please call for pricing on BTE, CIC and ITC stethoscopes molds).

Starkey ST 3 Power Pak
The Starkey name is recognized for maintaining traditions in clarity and sound quality excellence throughout its hearing product lines. The ST 3 Power Pak Stethoscope is no different. It is a lightweight, battery powered, unit which can be manually operated to amplify bodily functions sufficiently enough to compensate the medical professionals hearing impairment.

The manual controls include an on/off switch, a numbered volume control dial, a tone switch, a monitor jack and a switch for stethoscope or hearing aid operation.

The tone switch can be placed on a low frequency position to attenuate frequencies above 400Hz, or on a high frequency position to extend the high frequency response. The S-M switch is used for amplifying rooms sounds via the hearing aid microphone.


bulletSSPL - 90 Max dB 130 HFA dB 127 +/-4
bulletFull-On Gain - Max dB 60 HFA 54 +/-5
bulletStethoscope Mode - Max 32 HFA 26 +/-5
bulletFrequency Range - Hz 250-5200
bulletStethoscope Mode - 100-2300
bulletCost: $425.00


For more information click on the Information Request Form and we will be happy to contact you.





For more information click Information Request Form and we will be happy to contact you.

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