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E.A.R. MiniCanal™

Description and rationale for the unique insta-fit, multi-use, electronic "in-the-ear" E.A.R., Mini Canal

After participating for over 30 years, in the electronic hearing enhancement and protection market, E.A.R., Inc. ( is pleased to announce the introduction of its new insta-fit "E.A.R. Mini-Canal". The purpose of this review is to respond to the many questions that arrive from our strong customer research efforts and describe the rationale behind the development for this new state of the art product. One of the concerns we saw were consumers paying $700 - $2000 for electronic ear plugs and basically only getting ONE USE from them. The E.A.R., Mini-Canal is proving to be a sensible and affordable choice to those seeking state of the art miniaturized electronic hearing enhancement that can be assigned for multiple uses, (i.e., Shooting, Hunting, Law Enforcement, Range Commands, Archery, Dentistry, Social Activities and Business Meetings.)

Questions and Answers

1. First... describe the basic specifications for the new E.A.R. Mini-Canal
The E.A.R. Mini-Canal is a small highly sophisticated assistive listening device that is easy to use and fits securely and comfortably in the ear tips (small, Medium, large) that include a built-in wax guard.

Basic Specifications
Maximum output.......108 dB
Sound Compression Limiting....76 dB
Freq. Range..........200-5500Hz
Battery Size.........10
Est. Battery life....170 hrs
Reference Gain.......28dB
Color................Hunter Tan
Tips.................Vented or Unvented
Warranty.............1 Year

500 Hz......25 dB
1000 Hz......31 dB
2000 Hz......33.5 dB
4000 Hz......35 dB

2. What does this product cost?
$795 per set plus shipping. Note: When sold in some foreign countries the price may vary to cover importation and shipping. If these units were marketed and fit as a hearing aid, pricing could be expected to average $800 - $900 per ear or $1600 per set.

3. Can a person buy just one unit?
Yes. Pricing will be $425 plus shipping.

4. If client does not like the unit is there a privilege to return?
Yes. Clients can return product to authorized provider within 30 days for a refund.

5. What is the rationale behind the E.A.R. Mini-Canal?
Today the latest step toward full customization for in-the-ear hearing aids (and now electronic ear plugs) includes a standardized housing (shell) mated with soft flexible ear tips of various sizes. This choice of manufacturing benefits the consumer by containment of expensive fittings for ear mold impressions, and virtually eliminates remakes due to weight changes or anatomical changes in the ears. With instant Mini-Canals, poorly fit devices that might otherwise require a week to remake at the factory can be addressed in a matter of seconds by simply changing the ear tip at a fraction of the cost.

Another advantage to this procedure is that it permits the client to share his or her device with another person by adding a new tip. This cannot be done with custom fit units. This reason alone helps law enforcement agents who prefer to purchase equipment that can be shared by other officers.

And finally, the other rationale for the E.A.R. Mini-Canal is this design permits each client to position a high quality electronic device into the ear canal where it is not conspicuous, not in the way of glasses/hat or long hair. This design is a preferred choice over the behind the ear version which can be more difficult to use in active sports or professional activities.

6. Does the Insta-Fit design of the E.A.R. Mini-Canal imply low-tech electronics?
Absolutely not. Low tech electronics were not a consideration in developing the E.A.R. Mini-Canal. E.A.R. and its manufacturing advisors chose to use one of the most highly sophisticated circuits (OSP_Output Signal Processing) produced in the hearing healthcare field. This would enable high quality sound when being used recreationally, socially, for the TV, Church, Meetings or for business.

7. In what situations have you used Mini-Canals?
I carry my Mini-Canals almost everywhere and have used them for shooting, TV, social situations and meetings. In all cases I was extremely pleased. Initially I had to learn to turn the unit down while walking and I also exchanged the ear tips to the vented tips for social situations and watching TV. This helped reduce the effects of occlusion (hearing my voice louder) when I spoke.

During the U.S. 2002 Open and the National Competition for Sporting Clays I wore them on the firing line and they exceeded my expectations. I was well satisfied the engineers had performed an excellent job to develop a new state of the art product for hearing enhancement and protection.

I might mention that during social situations, watching TV, and meetings I chose to use one unit in my left ear where I have a mild hearing loss. This was extremely effective. I was able to control the volume easily with my finger to adjust the unit to fit the listening situation. And they were extremely comfortable on hot and humid days.

8. Explain the importance of the patented ear tips.
It is extremely critical that the ear tips used with a mini-device protect the unit from excessive wax and moisture. Our patented ear tips provide this feature without any problems in addition to helping reduce problems with acoustic feedback.

Another advantage to our tips are that they are comfortable and can continually modify their shape in the ear to accommodate changes due to head, neck, and jaw movements. This constant flexibility provides real-time customization to the dynamic ear canal that hard materials cannot accomplish.

9. If the Mini-Canal does not fit my ear, can I have it custom fit?
Yes! The E.A.R. Mini-Canal was designed to fit most ears. Occasionally we run across an ear that simply won't fit to adjustable ear tips. We have the answer with our problem solver. Simply get a set of ear impressions made and we can convert your E.A.R. Mini-Canals into our EAR Precision Custom molds. Or, you can use your credit toward the "behind-the-ear" models. This must be done within a 30-day period after purchase.

This new generation of electronic earplug brings new excitement to the market place with multiple uses at affordable prices. We invite you to visit a local provider or contact Brite Ears at ( Ph: 330-618-8913.


For more information click on the Information Request Form and we will be happy to contact you. 





For more information click Information Request Form and we will be happy to contact you.

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